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Fri Apr 30 13:39:23 1999 UTC (21 years, 7 months ago) by okuji
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1999-04-30  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* acinclude.m4: New file.
	* (subdir_automake): Conditionally set by calling
	(subdir_standards): Likewise.
	(subdir_cvs): Likewise.
	(subdir_autoconf): Likewise.
	(AC_INIT): Change the argument from automake/automake-ja.texi
	to makeinfo.el, because we cannot assume the automake manual always
	(AC_PREREQ): Downgrade the required version to 2.12, since 2.13
	is not needed actually.
1999-04-30  Yoshiki Hayashi  <>

	* autoconf-2.12: New directory.
	*, Add new entry for autoconf-2.12
	* makeinfo.el: Redefine texinfo-format-var to avoid bug in texinfmt.
	Add workaround for MULE 2.3 to format automake-ja.texi.

1999-04-27  Yoshiki Hayashi  <>

	* cvs-1.10: New directory.
	*, Add new entry for cvs-1.10.
	* Makerules: Add new suffix rule .texinfo
	* makeinfo.el: Support XEmacs with mule.

1999-04-17  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* HACKING: New file.
1999-04-14  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* makeinfo.el: Set CODING-SYSTEM-FOR-READ and
	CODING-SYSTEM-FOR-WRITE to euc-japan unconditionally.
	* Makerules ( Add -no-site-file option. Reported by
	Yoshiki Hayashi <>.
	* Make the indent in help messages consistent.

	* standards/standards-ja.texi: Delete update-date in the tail.
1999-04-09  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (--with-emacs): Print the default value.
	(--with-tex): Likewise.
	(--with-texi2html): Likewise.
1999-04-08  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (html): New target for making html files.
	* TODO: New file.
1999-04-08  OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Require automake-1.4 or higher.

	Automake would try to update version.texi dynamically, so
	we change the file name to repress the behavior.
	* automake/ (automake_ja_TEXINFOS): Set to automake-v.texi.
	* automake/version-ja.texi: Moved to...
	* automake/automake-v.texi: ... here.
	* automake/automake-ja.texi: @include automake-v.texi instead of

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