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Kazuki YASUMATSU's Goodies
for VisualWorks 3.0 Non-Commercial

The following programs are free goodies for VisualWorks 3.0 Non-Commercial.
  1. Patch for SmallWalker
    This patch enables the SmallWalker included in VWNC3.0 to run other than on UNIX platform (i.e, on Windows platform). SmallWalker is a WWW browser originally written by me. The modified version of SmallWalker is distributed with VWNC3.0.

    This patch has a problem in a shared installation of VWNC3.0. This patch uses the $(VISUALWORKS) as a base directory for profile files. So, in a shared installation of VWNC3.0, then this will point to a read only directory on the server. However SmallWalker seems to want to write to these directories (by default at least)....

  2. Japanese Locale
    This parcel adds a simple japanese locale. You can input, output, and display the japanese.

Copyright (c) 1998 Kazuki YASUMATSU. All Rights Reserved. (Quick Response) (Sloow Response)