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Exploring emerging research area of the Internet.

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Associate Professor Yamaguchi's Lectures

Research Topics

  • AI3 (A-tripple-I) - Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives
  • Application

  • Information providing, replication, caching and filtering
  • HPI - High Performance Internetworking

  • Distributed file systems
  • Mobile

  • Wireless network and DHCP
  • Network Managiment

  • Network monitoring and trouble tickets
  • Transaction Protocol

  • Transport Protocol for Web Transaction
  • Distributed System

  • Distributed Virtual Machine, Server Clustering



  • WWFS (World Wide File System)

  • The FTP archive access filesystem
  • Wcol (WWW Collector)

  • The prefetching proxy server for WWW
  • DBS (Destributed Benchmark System)

  • TCP Benchmark tool
  • Umayado

  • Automatic Information Clustring system


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