Below are links to some English pages concerning SKK, input methods or Lisp. For information about resources written in Japanese, please refer to the link page in SKK dictionary Wiki.

APEL (A Portable Emacs Library)
SKK adopted APEL for compatibility among Mule 2.3 (based on Emacs 19.28 or 19.34), Emacs 20 (with Mule), XEmacs 20 (with Mule) and XEmacs 21 (with Mule). APEL has taken over many features which were originally provided by SKK to absorb differences of Emacsen.
Japanese who learns Japanese
This site gives informations about tools for Japanese learners, including SKK.
Japanese input methods
A Wikipedia article which describes hardware (keyboards) and software needed for Japanese input.
Input method
A Wikipedia article which explains the terms input method and input method editor (IME).
Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine, Part I by Prof. John McCarthy
This article is strongly recommended by Prof. Masahiko SATO, the original author of SKK.
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